How to barter your skills for (almost) anything you want.
My name is Anne Dorko. I work for myselfI’ve traveled around the world and back... and bartering is my epic life hack.
Why not get started yourself ASAP with my bartering cheat sheet? It will save you hours of online research and give you the confidence to immediately begin finding bartering opportunities to get what you want!
Notice: This barter cheat sheet is available for only $7 right now because it is still a work in progress! By getting it now you will get its current version as well as every new version I release without paying an extra penny. It won’t stay at this price for long.
What You’ll Get
  •  Four Lessons: My approach to bartering broken down into four simple lessons to help you get started.
  • Getting Started Examples: Having trouble thinking of how it applies to your life? I’ve got you covered.
  • My Personal Templates: I’ve managed to barter with fitness trainers, life coaches, hostel owners, and language instructors -- and I’ve included how I talk to these people with pitch templates I would use.
  •  The KISS Barter Evaluation Formula: Don’t overcomplicate a barter! Evaluating a skills exchange for something else comes down to a basic equation. I am not a math person so if I can do it, you can do it.
  •  Price It Like You Mean It Method: My method for pricing any given skill so you can effectively explain the value of your barter.
  •  Proof of Value Techniques: Once somebody is open to bartering, you need to drive home the value of your skill. I’ve shown you the type of information you can quickly collect and use in your final pitch.
Anne Dorko
Founder of Without Boxes 
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“Bartering is all about problem solving. I wrote the Barter Your Skills cheat sheet so others can learn to effectively network, gain experience, and find unique opportunities through bartering like I have.”
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